rm20060412_1025April 12, our 13nd day in Japan

Success!!! We left Kyoto for Osaka again, went to the love hotel, got recognized by the people working there and as we hoped the Hello Kitty room was reserved for us.

More pictures and video will soon follow 🙂
(update: The photo’s and video’s can be seen on Club RopeMarks )

For future reference, directions to “hotel Adonis”

  1. Exit at station Uehommachi.
  2. Look around and see if you can see KFC (should be on your right) and the Miyako hotel (should be behind you on the other side of the Sennichimae dori).
  3. Go stand with your back to the Miyako hotel and the KFC to your right.
  4. Walk in the big street (NOT the Sennichimae dori).
  5. Go right the second street.
  6. The second block in the middle is where you find hotel Adonis.
  7. Ofcourse the name is not written in english, or the roman alphabet. For the name in Japanese see the image.