Rain, rain, rain… luckily we planned to do inside activity. We packed a bag with nawa-goodies, took our umbrella’s went bravely through the rain to Kyoto station to hop on the shinkansen to Osaka. Osaka has not much to offer for a tourist, it is the business center of Japan, however we found a very good reason to visit Osaka and experience a Japanese fenomenon in our own style; a love hotel with a Kitty-chan SM-room 🙂

So… we arrived in Osaka, spent an hour to figure out how to use the public transport to come as close as possible to the hotel, decided on the subway. Exited at the destination station and went into the rain in search for the hotel. We walked north, south, west and east, one block, two blocks, three blocks. We asked a number of people, each pointed in a different direction. We found two maps and each map designated north in a different direction!!! (note to self: bring compass) Completely soaked, the bag with nawa-goodies weighing a ton we stopped for a meal that would be easy to order, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). In a moment of clarity we asked the girl serving us if she knew where the address of the hotel was. She walked in the back and came back with a book I now think of as my personal bible when in Osaka (unfortunately I was not allowed to take it with me 🙂 ). The book had all the addresses of Osaka (or at least that particular neighborhood) neatly drawn and written down.

After the KFC-junk-food-stop we walked to the hotel in less than 5 minutes (oh, happy day!). Went in, found the Hello Kitty room and… it was taken… We talked to the people who worked there to ask at what time the room would be available again… Sounds easy… assuming I would speak Japanese or these people English… Not one word from either site… I will not bug you with the conversation, it was very tiring but we hopefully succeeded to reserve the room for tomorrow. To be continued…