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Want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth?

[your] workshop was very useful, made me think of "Why?", which was your purpose, it worked really well
ThatGirlMilena  |  Prague Shibari Festival  |  Czech Republic | 2018
It was great to be a student in your workshop
Goldie Sunshine  |  Prague Shibari Festival  |  Czech Republic | 2018
Great classes
Project Rope  |  Prague Shibari Festival  |  Czech Republic | 2018
[we] found the Quick & Dirty workshop VERY fun and educational
Ylang  |  Quick & Dirty  |  Netherlands | 2018
[I] thought this to be a really engaging and fun workshop
Titia  |  Quick & Dirty  |  Netherlands | 2018
[...] I'm being tought by a true legend!
Batair  |  Private tuition  |  Netherlands | 2018
People rated your workshop on average by 8.7 [1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest]
participants rating  |  KiK Rotterdam (BDSM) conference  |  Netherlands | 2017
Great workshop on armbinders. I really loved the way you teached this topic.
Markus  |  BoundCon  |  Munich, Germany | 2017
I enjoyed the huge flow of information, humor and interaction you had with the audience. The model was enjoyable with her humor as well.
Ellipsis Rope Event ft. Ren Yagami  |  Netherlands | w2016
Bob's workshop was a great way to start the evening. His workshops are always a pleasure to take part in. After topic on FetLife
tkmfdm  |  Ellipsis Rope Event ft. Ren Yagami  |  Netherlands | 2016
De workshop van Bob bracht de sfeer er goed in. After topic on FetLife
sweetblackangel  |  Ellipsis Rope Event ft. Ren Yagami  |  Netherlands | 2016
Bob warmde het publiek vol enthousiasme op en kreeg de hele zaal vlot aan knopen. Dat was echt geweldig om te zien. After topic on FetLife
Serpenthyne  |  Ellipsis Rope Event ft. Ren Yagami  |  Netherlands | 2016
Bob's workshop was both very educational and entertaining. After topic on FetLife
Harry_Kink  |  Ellipsis Rope Event ft. Ren Yagami  |  Netherlands | 2016
Bob is a fantastic teacher [...] every time we meet him he takes it up another notch [...] the participants not only gained technical knowledge, but also a deeper understanding of the concept of kinbaku [...] Read the complete workshop review by cilie
cilie  |  Kink & Kinbaku  |  Norway | 2015
Thank you for an amazing weekend!! The workshops was fantastic
Lyslugget Herre  |  Kink & Kinbaku  |  Norway
Thank you for such a memorable weekend
amira  |  Kink & Kinbaku  |  Norway
what an amazing weekend with rope, learning and enjoying good happy energies
miznadje  |  Kink & Kinbaku  |  Norway
You have a unique and detailed view on bondage compared to several others and you give a more than complete overview of kinbaku.
Workshop  |  Netherlands
Thanks for the Great Workshop today. Only a real expert teacher stays this relaxed and friendly with noobies, you show that it is Really an Art What You Do.
Herbert  |  Workshop Essentials  |  Netherlands
Bob clearly has an enormous passion for this topic, it splashed from him and makes the workshop fun to follow.
Masterclass  |  Netherlands
I learned a lot and found the atmosphere of the workshop enjoyable.
Workshop  |  Netherlands
Exactly what I was looking for.
Workshop  |  Netherlands
It was a fun afternoon and we learned a lot. I would definitely recommend your workshops to friends.
Workshop  |  Netherlands
Workshop  |  Netherlands
I thought it was a brilliant experience. It is not cheap (compared to others), but Bob is more than worth it, his experience is so big, it radiates from him.
Masterclass  |  Netherlands
The workshop was amazing. Bob is such a talented teacher - very precise, humorous, patient and inspiring [...] We loved the way RopeMarks teaches Japanese bondage, with the emphasis on understanding why we do things instead of just providing "monkey-see, monkey-do" recipes [...] Bob also makes the best example possible of what bondage is all about with his playful approach to the ropes and amazing connection to his partner... Read the complete workshop review by cilie
cilie  |  Kink & Kinbaku  |  Norway | 2013
For me it was the very first time with rope in my his hands, and I was able to follow without problem from the start. The level of attention was good and made sure that I did not feel behind on more experienced participants.
Workshop Essentials  |  Netherlands
Not only is Bob an impressive rigger, he also has the ability to transfer his vast knowledge in a solid an entertaining manner.
Masterclass  |  Netherlands
For those who know me, they know I have no affinity with Bondage. I have never been interested nor seen the artistic side of it. However this changed once I got more involved in the online BDSM world. Especially on a website like Fetlife, it's almost impossible to miss: (good) bondage is beautiful, a form of art, and it can be damn useful. Now that I got triggered and curious, I browsed online for this new concept. Of course you'll inevitably bump into, for all of us well-known name, RopeMarks.... Read the complete workshop review by Mrs. Soviet Mercedes
Mrs. Soviet Mercedes  |  Workshop  |  Netherlands
Rather than instructing a set path or routine, Bob shows you the essence of the technique. Hence, it\'s actually relatively easy to remember and immediately allowed for us to try new things and find our own style.
Masterclass  |  Netherlands
Bob and his lovely model also showed us that Japanese bondage can be quite an entertaining experience and we certainly had some good laughs over the course of the evening. It's not at all scary or dark if you don't want it to be!
Workshop  |  Netherlands
The next day, we were simply amazed by what we were able to achieve on our own after just a few hours of tutoring. The experience we got was positively worth every cent!
Workshop  |  Netherlands
WOW, what a wonderful, informative exciting powerful first event for BDSM Village. Sensei Bob was deeply moving in his ability to share years of actual real time Shibari training with us.It was truly powerful to see a true Shibari Sensei. Thank you from our heart of earts.
FF and her Master  |  USA Workshop  |  United States
As someone with a reasonable amount of experience you gave us renewed inspiration and enthousiasme and we really made big steps forward in our rope bondage skills after your workshop.
Rob and maris  |  Masterclass  |  Netherlands
We really learned a lot, the atmosphere was just right and the company was wonderful.
Steve and Brenda  |  Workshop  |  Netherlands
What really stood out for us is that you leave room for personal interpretation and creativity and don't gospel, like most, about the one true way.
Paul and Wendy  |  Workshop  |  Netherlands
I had the privilege of meeting Bob of RopeMarks from the Netherlands early in 2001 during a Japanese bondage workshop in Miami, Florida. Bob is an outstanding sensei.  |  USA Workshop  |  United States


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What tuition do we offer?

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What others have to say

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