Present – 2021

RopeMarks’ show [with the Shady Lady] was, in a word, amazing!!!

Mrs.Manita, Jul.2023
Live, Manita on Tour, Elpine, Netherlands

I wish you guys could stay on stage longer.

LFAJRB, London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, Live, United Kingdom

2020 – 2016

[RopeMarks] in his element as evil butcher. [After at least 17 years of perfomances] it was again a surprising performance. I thought this to be one of your best!

Photo crew, April 2017
Ellipsis Rope Event, Live, Netherlands

Bob is the best Amsterdam Kinbakushi

Coco Katsura
Japan, Live

2015 – 2011

Bob [RopeMarks] got some proper stage presence

FWB Agency, Aug.2022
Live, Netherlands, Toekomstmuziek venue

Truly amazing!

Mrs. Manita, Dec.2017
Live, Mrs. Manita's fetish birthday bash, Netherlands

2010 – 2006

Jaw to the floor

Nadia White, May 2019
BoundCon XVI, Live, Munich, Germany

What a performance…

Organisation (Haag), March 2016
Ellipsis Rope Event, Live, Netherlands

2005 – 1999

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