El Fatso – King Louie

I got the opportunity to participate in the recording of the new video clip of Dutch alternative rock band El Fatso.

Something I advocate is bringing what I do and love into the mainstream. For El Fatso’s new hit “King Louie” they came up with a very cool story-line. The lead actress, and friend, “Bloempje”, is enjoying psychedelic experiences where Japanese bondage plays a major part. This is where I come in.

El Fatso | Bloempje | RopeMarks


The Multi-award winning short, Jumpcut, is a film by Saskia Quax that lets you playfully get acquainted with the sexual fantasies of a young woman without becoming explicit. Sexuality is very personal and each and everyone experiences this in its own way, no matter who is in control.

StarringBob (RopeMarks), Dutch Dame, Marrow (BindMe), J. vd Kliss (Bizarre Design) and a host of well known names from the Dutch fetish scene.
Directed bySaskia Quax
Release dateQ1 2012
Running Timeca. 8 min.
Production CompanyQuax Media
DVD Region0 (no region coding, playable worldwide)
DVD FormatPAL / 2.35:1 (CinemaScope version)
Extra'sMenu, Credits, Trailers.

JumpCut was first released on February 2012 then quickly became a long sought after short; now finally available online after touring the worlds (fetish) film festivals.