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RopeMarks Ryū | FAQ2023-08-25T09:24:30+02:00

We have compiled a list, FAQ, of the most common questions. 


Can we switch?2022-03-24T09:07:06+01:00

We do not prohibit switching during the workshop but we do not recommend it. Our workshops are generally not set up with the time to do the ties twice. When switching is possible we will specifically mention this in the workshop description.

I need a partner (model or rigger)2022-08-01T08:48:01+02:00

Our workshop are designed for, occasion, couples only. The combination of the couple, MF, MM, FF, is of no concern. If you like to participate but need a partner, model or rigger, the internet offers ways to connect you. One way that we know we know that works is to place an advertisement in the “Bondage partners Nederland” or “Bondage workshop matchmaking” group on FetLife. If you don’t know FetLife it’s the Facebook for kinksters.

I need rope.2022-03-24T09:08:41+01:00

If you need rope, follow this link:

Please order at least one week in advance. I need a few days to prepare your rope and I might not be able to to do this last minute. 



Can I borrow rope?2021-11-04T16:50:45+01:00

It is not possible to borrow rope. You need to bring your own ropes to the workshop.

If you need rope, follow this link:

Order at least one week in advance. I need a few days to prepare your rope and I might not be able to to do this last minute. Please make sure you are well prepared!

How much rope do I need?2021-11-04T17:21:05+01:00

For every workshop a different number of ropes is needed, please read the workshop description.

In general, the more advanced you get, the more ropes you will want, and very often need, to use. When you enter the rope-suspension arena even more ropes are needed and wanted. 

Some numbers that I found that work are:

4 ropes = beginners set
8 ropes = intermediate set
12 ropes = advanced set
15 ropes = you have elevated to the supreme level 🙂

Having a few shorter pieces rope in your rope-kit can come in handy, ie. 2m and 4m.

Registration and tickets.2023-08-25T09:20:46+02:00

When you register for one of the RopeMarks workshops you purchase a ticket for a couple.  A couple can be any combination of two people of any gender.

If your question is not in the workshop text or our FAQ please contact us.



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