Series are our way of giving back to the community at large.

We don’t always shoot for payed content, we also shoot for the art of Japanese rope bondage and fun. These series are free, stunning, images and video created in cooperation with professional models, photographers and designers.


Way back in 2014 we had a visit from Stephany Caparn in RopeMarks HQ. This set of yet unpublished photos was the result of a very fruitful day.

Dutch Dame | Stephany Caparn | 2014


When you are done shooting but “she” is still collared and tied… You take a few more “snap” of the cute RopeBaby covered in RopeMarks… or rope marks 🙂

RopeBaby | CarmineWorx | 2024


Flawless nawa ato, cheescake: A very sexy, seductive and innocent (hahahaha…) cheescake set of and by Flawless Meow wearing the RopeMarks Nawa Ato face mask.

Flawless Meow | 2020


Chrome III

Vlinder | Marcello Gonzales | 2019


Coco against the pole: We have a willing Japanese hotty, Coco, a sexy hot-cat and a rough metal pole. A match made in heaven… if your mind is as perverted as mine. We tie Coco, spread legged, to the pole, a challenge all by itself, a beautiful view and easy access… We then continue to gag our coco with a bamboo gag and tightly wrap ropes around her neck to make her squeal, drool and fight the pole. 

She wants to come back 🙂

Coco (JP) | ME-Chiel | 2018


Simplicity: We can not get any more simple than what we’ve done here, a sexy girl (Spring) and a basic tie (Koutoubu ryo-tekubi shibari), captured on a simple white backdrop by TvM.

Spring | TvM | 2018


Blue: We have spend a fun day with Robin and before we parted ways I decided to finish with a short but powerful end-session. While she was still naked, I tied her arms stressfully spread to a bamboo pole, places the big ball of a panel gag in her mouth and tied each leg in a hishi futomomo. Now the fun starts, I tied a neck rope, attached it to the overhead beam and pulled her up by the neck! After some struggle I made it harder for her to focus by putting heavy clamps on her exposed nipples. Not sure how long she lasted, but it was a considerable amount of time, she’s a fighter. This was beautiful and sweet, sweet suffering.

This is what Robin had to say about our day together: “OMG guys I’ve been tied up by RopeMarks! Yeah the real Bob Roos! I don’t recall when exactly I first heard about him, but I’ve just found in my chats a mention of him dated May 4, 2014, so at least at that time I was already aware of his existence. It was waiting for me for four years (I wasn’t waiting for it, just dreaming timidly), and, oh my goodness, here it is, hooray! This was worth going to Europe. 😉

I have a strong safety feeling from this session, even though Bob was doing quite risky stuff to me, such as breath control: this is how well he kept an eye on my state.

Also, I have a fun feeling, because he and the photographer kept joking all the time, and I joined them as well if my mouth wasn’t, erm, full. 😀

Robin Tyndybarla (RU) | Ork photography |2018

Voleuse I

Voleuse | CarmineWorx | 2018


Chrome II

Femke | Marcello Gonzales | 2018


Bondage in Bloom II

Amarantha LaBlanche | Josefien Hoekstra | 2017


Minou in the morning: Way too early, but at least after a good Italian double espresso, I caught myself the sweet Minou Rossi in my ropes.

Minou Rossi (IT) | Stefano Riccardi | 2017


Willing blond

Marloes | Ben Waswaal | 2016


Beautiful curves, tanning: Winter is coming… a lazy summer shot from our very own balcony. Beautiful curves tanning for some semi-permanent rope marks. That’s how we chill!

m201638 (USA) | 2016


Bondage in Bloom I

Fréderique Axelle Goud | Josefien Hoekstra | 2015


Evolution: The evolution of a slave girl.

Dutch Dame | ME-Chiel | 2013


Sake barrel: What to do with an empty sake barrel?

Dutch Dame | Richard Hoogendijk | 2011


Hashigata zuri, triptych: A piece of art, three images of beauty in suffering on a backdrop of the great wave of kanagawa. The position of the model on each image is similar, the way we dress her up is what creates a new and unique image each time.

  • The first position is a Japanese look, double tenugui, tabi shoes, bound, suspended, naked and vulnerable.
  • The second position is a Western look, red ball-gag, kinky high heeled shoes but still very much bound, suspended, naked and vulnerable.
  • The third position is a very extreme BDSM look, rubber hood, big tight collar, harnass ball-gag and ankle high ballet boots, but still bound, suspended, naked and oh so vulnerable.

A tortures position, supported by only a single hip-rope, all in the name of art, in the name of the “Hashigata aomuke zuri” a triptych.

There is an accompanying video with this series

Dutch Dame | Frits Kraefft | 2011


Sometimes you just want a little artsy-fartsy in your Japanese style rope bondage. Using Dutch Dame we created this deceptively easy, comfortable, looking tie we call ‘the witch’.

Dutch Dame | Cojac | 2010


Kitchen counter top: I do support a woman’s right to choose. Her kitchen, her choice.

Yuthika | Gary White | 2010


Vintage: Pictures from 1999 – 2003.


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