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Akira Naka’s rope of torture, primer version,  a RopeMarks review.


When I heard about the new tutorial video of Akira Naka “rope of torture” I was anxious to see it, even though it is a primer it appeared to have enough additional material to keep me, a fan, content.

nakaakira600Akira Naka is for sure among my favorite nawashi’s from Japan. His style, type of play, aura just match with how I perceive kinbaku should be, skillful, beautiful, loving but most of all rough when need to be. Akira Naka is creating beauty in suffering.

For those not familiar with Akira Naka, in a nutshell: Akira Naka, born in 1959, witnessed Chimuo Nureki’s kinbaku at his kinbiken meetings. This was instant love. He inherited “Nureki style” and developed his own “Naka style”, aesthetic rope of torture kinbaku. As far as I’m concerned Naka-san stands among the best living master of kinbaku today and is among my personal favorites.


On to the video material, this primer is only available as a well worth digital download. My download contained eleven .mp4 files, six actual tutorial files and five bonus material files and one folder with one hundred kinbaku photos.

  • 00 Intro and basic part (kiso)
  • 01 Daily life part, before using the rope (nichijyou)
  • 02 Rope part, basics of kinbaku (nawakiso)
  • 03 Rope part, application of kinbaku (first volume) (ouyou_1)
  • 04 Rope part, application of kinbaku (second volume) (ouyou_2)
  • 05 Together with Master Akira Naka and Ending (issyo)
  • Bonus 01 Parties concerned talk about Akira Naka (kankeisya)
  • Bonus 02 Original demonstration, first volume (jitsuen_1)
  • Bonus 03 Original demonstration, second volume (jitsuen_2)
  • Bonus 04 Amateur happening, first volume (shirouto_1)
  • Bonus 05 Amateur happening, second volume (shirouto_2)
  • Bonus 100 kinbaku photographs

I’m from Europe, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with no working knowledge to have or understand a conversation in the Japanese language. That brings me to the biggest disadvantage (better get it out of the way quickly) of this tutorial, it is all in Japanese without any subtitles. Luckily as I was watching the tutorial it is not really needed, the tutorial is visually so well made you can understand what is said or ment.

The tutorial starts with a very flashy movie-like trailer and all through the video there are anime-like overlays that show when things are done right or wrong, making this video very open en easy to digest for  the intented audience; people just starting out with learning kinbaku.

The first file, kiso, is an introduction to communication between partners, how to communicate if you like each other and want to have sex and, ofcourse, rope bondage. A male/female couple is used that show you how (not) to communicate. The focus is on the man and how his behaviour has effect on the girl. Very entertaining to watch.

Part 1, The second file, nichijyou, the couple wants to start with doing bondage. Naka-San explaines in interview format what the couple is doing right or wrong to start with bondage, corrects them where needed and shows them how to start this thing called bondage.

Kinbaku has to be a road to travel not a goal, take small steps together and don’t rush with rough and scary ropes. Start simple, use a tenugui, a necktie, a soft bathrope-belt, etc. We see Akira-san showing simple, erotic bondage’s with these “ropes” and explains the do’s and don’ts. The bondage is parallel wrist in front of the body, in the back of the body building up to creating what is to be a ushiro takate kote, as explained in the next tutorial file.

Part 2, nawakiso, is where the mother of all kinbaku bondages is explained, the ushiro takate kote shibari, in Naka-ryu. The explanation is extensive, clear and precise where Naka-san shows you the do’s and don’ts of building this important bondage. On a personal note, What I find very interesting is that Naka-san’s technique clearly shows influences of Nureki-san’s style.

Part 3, ouyou, is an extensive rope bondage tutorial continuing where you are left after creating the takatekote in the previous tutorial. The bondage thought is a “M-pattern” on a chair, legs pulled up in front of the body and kept spread by the bondage. This position allows to show basic bondage for the legs and as a result has your partner in a useful position for sex.

Part 4, ouyou, is where the bondages get more advanced for the rigger and more demanding for the girl. If you weren’t sure by now that this is a true Japanese production this part shows you the girl naked with her genitals covered by a mosaic.

Before the tutorial starts the model gets a say in what I assume is how she feels about getting tied up. AKira Naka does his gote and continues with a, demanding, bed-bondage position that keeps the legs of the girl spread and her position perfect for sexual activitiy.

This position is then moved from a spread-leg to a closed-leg position, reusing the ropes making for fluid bondage transitions for your play. There is some time to enjoy the bondage by you the viewer, Naka-san and the girl.

This chapter ends with what I assume is an explanation in interview style by Naka-san about what he just did.

Part 5, issyo, uses an interesting concept. Here Naka-san is doing one-on-one teaching of his gote with a couple. This is interesting because you get the impression as if it is you, sitting in your laze chair, who is being thaught this gote. After the teaching the master has an evaluation about how the couple did on learning the gote. I assume Naka-san talks about common mistakes (addressed during the teaching) that people make.


In addition to the tutorial there are five bonus files available in the download.

For non-Japanese speaking people the first bonus file, kankeisya, is unfortunatly not that interesting. It is a lot of people from the tutorial and some not before seen faces that talk about Akira Naka. Now I’m sure it is interesting, but I just don’t understand Japanese.

The next two bonus files, jitsuen, see the master at work, demonstrating some high class kinbaku with one of the models from the tutorial. Without revealing to much (this is a must see for all lovers of kinbaku) The demonstration consist of several beautiful and tortureous tzuri’s and air-transistions. Where the face and the pussy are not forgotten. Akira-san is skillfull, playful, loving and, most important, rough when need to be. It is a pleasure to see the model appears highly sensitive to the masters bondage and both play the “game” very well.

The next two bonus files, shirouto, appear to be about a truly first-time-experience  the pace goes down and the master ties a girl that has never been tied before. Naka-san ties the girl in a standing position, secured to a ceiling point, and you see the sweetest interaction coming from the girl. She closes her eyes “afraid” to open them but from time to time sneak-peaks through one of her eyes to see what is going on, also, she appears to genuinly and physically tremble.

When the master has done his work the boyfriend comes in and starts to erotically tease the girl.

In time the girls is removed from the ceiling point and moved to the bed where the boyfriend continues to undress the girl. Naka-san is making some changes in the leg bondage and ties the legs separate from each other allowing for sexual activity from the boyfriend. The boyfriend takes this all the way.

After his load has sprayed, the girl is untied by the Naka-san and the scene is reviewed with the girl in interview format. She is showing a lot of gratitude for the experience.

After the tutoriual and the bonus material, if you still want more (and we do) there are 100 photo’s of the  demonstration Naka-san performed in bonus files jitsuen 1 and 2.


In conclusion, if kinbaku has your interest and you want to learn from the best living master from Japan this primer is second best to actually traveling to Japan and meet the master himself. The basics are covered and allthough this tutorial is a primer you are quickly shown more-than-primer style bondage’s and positions for you and your partner. You truly get your money’s worth of tutorial and video material from Akira Naka who I think is among the best living nawashi to date.

Get Akira Naka’s rope of torture (primer version) here:


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