There is bondage and there is bondage. My personal preference is bondage and this preference is much broader than most people, even in “the scene”, imagine. I’ve specialized in Japanese rope bondage, aka RopeMarks, because that is where my heart lies but I branched of several bondage “types” like leather, rubber and then some that are to come.

Consider this; ballet boots or sky high platform heels. Have a pretty girl wear these and they are either unable to- or have to hobble to walk. Such a pretty site! Or wide rubber, metal or leather cuffs, easy to attach, restrain your sexy partner and have your way with her. Collars, or better neck-corsets, awesome restraining tools and they create such a beautiful bound silhouette of your girl! I could go on with options to restrain your partner but I think you get the idea.

In that same context there are corsets, real corsets. The corsets that reduce your girls waist to a wasp waist. Absolutely stunning, sexy and the heaviest of restraining there is (next to my kinbaku rope, obviously). This is where Jeroen van der Klis, aka Bizarre Design, comes in. Jeroen afaik is the only real corset maker and he is Dutch and practically my neighbor.

In this living post I will collect the cooperation’s I’ve done with Jeroen. This post is living because there is still unpublished material from our cooperation’s and there is more in the pipeline!

I am doing a still growing number of cooperation’s with and for

  • Club RopeMarks
  • Club Rubber Restrained
  • Club Leather Restrained

One of the most spectacular cooperation’s that comes to mind, I have been spending many months on it, is Bizarre Designs 25th anniversary.  We got Jeroen out of his atelier and into the madness of Wasteland where we celebrated with the catwalk of catwalks, real corsets, real bondage, real, real, real.

This is an unsorted collection of beautiful girls in amazingly beautiful restrictive creations from Jeroen.

The man the myth, the legend