For me bondage, in general, is about a personal kink, fetish. My specialization in bondage is Japanese rope bondage, kinbaku. My interest to express both my personal kink, fetish and my specialization is for real and sexual. This is the way it is supposed to be expressed, it’s how people (including me) experience this in the privacy of their own home. You get a distorted view of a kink, fetish when the focus shifts towards pretend, social media like-hunting and fake.

This is where a big part of my appreciation of Menno’s work is rooted. His work is dark, sometimes absurd but always tasteful and real.

In this living post I will collect the cooperation’s I’ve done with Menno. This post is living because there is still unpublished material from our cooperation’s and there is more in the pipeline!

I am doing a still growing number of cooperation’s with and for

  • Club RopeMarks
  • Club Rubber Restrained

Enjoy this unsorted collection of visual fetish art from Menno. Everything you see is real (something I appreciate a lot) nothing is “modelled”.

The man himself

Menno van der Meulen
Menno van der MeulenVisual artist