April 14, our 15nd day in Japan

Yesterday we traded Kyoto for one of the rural area’s of Kyoto, Ohara. Here we are staying for a few days in ryokan Oharanosato, a traditional Japanese guesthouse. Currently we are living in a tatami room, sleep on futon’s, eat Japanese breakfast, lunch and dinner and are just enjoying the rest and quit of the area without big-city-distractions. Live is good 🙂


Oh… we can not handle to much rest, so…

With did two series while in Ohara, one with a traditional idea behind the series. Kimono, nawa, tatami room, tea, the works. The second serie is with a twist that imo does not really fit in the setting and thus makes it very… “interesting”.





The rest of these series will follow soon.
(update: the photo’s and video are available on Club RopeMarks )