From all parties outside of the Netherland the German Fetish Ball is definitely among my top 3 (possibly my number 1…).

Travelling to Berlin is a party, road-trip, all by itself. Although it took a little longer as expect this year it was fun, good weather, love of my life next to me and the expectation of a what turned out to be a very good weekend.

Saturday evening we could show the visitor of the play party in the Darkside club what true kinbaku can look like if you have two very capable professionals, we decided to perform the latest show (premiered on the BoundCon main-stage). But before that… relax! it was great weather so we decided to take is easy, visit the GFB fair, say hi to the people and my girl scored the sexiest latex dress from Peter Domenie.



The show at the Darkside club went pretty smooth, considering the initial f*ck*ps with the music from the DJ _and_ the owner (what the…??). We strive to have some sort of *oehhhh* moment in the show, the first time we did this show on the BoundCon main-stage, with _very_ loud music, it was hard to hear (but it was there :)) but in a location the size of the Darkside club, where the audience is close to the performers, it was amazing. Where we expected the *oehhhh* moment the entire club went *oehhhhhhhhh*; goosebumps 🙂

On Sunday the work was done for me, nothing to look forward too but sun, booze, relaxing and party-time. A slightly different situation for my girl, she was walking for HW Design during the Ball. Nonetheless, as “is done” on vacation we started the “morning” (early afternoon, but who’s keeping track 🙂 with long island iced tea in the good company of the beautiful Yoland Vixen and the basket case Maxime Avet :).




The day continued with some more alcoholic beverages some sightseeing a visit to the fair and somewhere, somehow, we lost Maxime (more chicks for me :)). Before we left for the Ball we finished the day with a lovely Italian dinner.


During the Ball my girl walked in the HW Design catwalk. From all latex-brands out there HW is definitely in my top 3 and this made me proud as a peacock. She was dressed in the most sexy outfit and looked stunning… although I might be biased, I love that chick to death.


After the catwalk we partied, met old friends, made new friends and had a great time. The return of the Ball to Berlin was a great step, I enjoyed myself better than I remembered from last editions in Berlin. Don’t know if it was the company or a faint leftover from daytime drinking? 🙂