One of the more interesting bookings I got this year was a booking to do workhops interspersed with Japanese bondage demo’s for the Dutch Nemo Science Museum during the annual Dutch “Museum Night”.

From Wikipedea: NEMO Science Museum (from latin Nobody) is a science centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The museum has its origins in 1923. It contains five floors of hands-on science exhibitions and is the largest science center in the Netherlands. It attracts around 670,000 visitors annually, which makes it the eighth most visited museum in the Netherlands.

From Wikipedea: Museum Night is an annual event in several cities in Flanders and the Netherlands. Museums will collaborate and people will be able to buy one ticket to access all the participating museums in a particular city. One of the most popular events is Museum Night in Amsterdam. The participating Amsterdam museums are yearly opened on the first Saturday of November from 7 pm until 2 am the next day. Besides the normal exhibitions in museums, activities are arranged, like artist performances and free guides.

I asked the sweetest Spring to be my bunny during this night. The both of us completely unaware of what to expect set up our space and waited for the Museum Night to start.

The Nemo received 10.000+ visitor during Museum Night. Our workshops (clinics is a better description here) were stuffed and the demonstrations got so much interest that special crowd management was brought into place by Nemo.

This was one hell of an experience that we love to participate in again. Especially now we know how our activities got received.