The November edition of Wasteland was all about “Oriental Decadence”, the perfect opportunity for a RopeMarks to go wild, and he did.

The preparations for this edition already started in April of this year. I’ve had a long lasting idea to shoot Japanese rope during sakura season. This idea is shared with Dennis Diem and together we made it happen. With 2 riggers, 5 models, 1 designer, 1 make-up artist, 1 video artist, a drone pilot, a photographer and support people we headed out in the middle of the night to shoot a stunning Japanese dreamy scene of rope, sakura and suspensions. The result of this late night activity was a video the we project behind the performances I did during the Wasteland, Oriental Decadence, edition.

Sakura scene: short

Sakura scene: long


Another video for Wasteland was created by Run PaintRun, all shot in front of a green screen and craft-fully made into a coherent piece of fetish weirdness with an oriental theme. My part consisted of creating a butoh ((舞踏, Butō) inspired suspension where the models (Flawless Meow and Eira) have been painted completely white, a Japanese sex-cabine and some fetish-rope. This piece of art was projected as a video wall during the Wasteland night.

On the event itself I participated in the openings act on the main stage of Dennis Diem featuring Origins (Krien and Merante). This beautiful scene saw Merante singing, suspended upside down, in a big rubber transparent balloon.


On a dedicated stage with the video of the sakura-scene projected on the background I did two Japanese rope performance, one with Flawless Meow and the other with Japanese submissive Sakura Kurokawa <3.

For me, and judging from the feedback, the Wasteland Oriental Decadence edition was one awesome experience! More like this please!