Westergas is a place for culture, a historical site in the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The former gas factory from 1880 has been transformed from 2003 into a real Amsterdam, lively cultural village. Culture in all forms. Surrounded by the greenery of the Westerpark. The site offers a sanctuary for music, hospitality, theater & performance, film & photo, art, lifestyle, sports, events and TV studios. Diversity and creativity is celebrated here. Where historical value and innovative ideas come together.

On the Westergas site a new cultural venue opened, the Westergas theater. One large act during the night was Origins (Krien and Merante) who needed some serious rigging for their act. Yours truly stepped upped and lifted Merante high in the sky on the sensual beats of Krien’s DJ-ing.

The day after, the same Westergas theater saw the queer fundraiser to celebrate refugees and support them with their education, organized by MiM (Movement In Motion). Together with Origins we performed another aerial act where I rigged Merante high in the sky.

These were two very intensive days where my rigging was pulled out of its regular kinbaku context and put to the test. I can say it succeeded with flying colors. After each performance there was enough partying during the opening of the theater and the fundraiser for ample relaxation…