A few months ago when I knew this day was getting closer I came up with big plans, Big, BIG plans! But I live in a roller coaster and before I blinked twice I am here already.

So, where are we?

April 1st.

I do want to stop that roller coaster I call live to at least make a mention of it;

Today is the day that I am professionally doing, Japanese, rope, bondage using the name “RopeMarks” for 20 years.

20 years!

I’ve been going through my archive and here is a photo from the very first set I published as RopeMarks, a hogtie with arm-binder (Apr. 2019, m Chantal, p Bob, l Casa RopeMarks). In contrast, I specifically looked for an airborne hogtie, a photo from a not yet published set of one of my last shoots (Feb. 2019, m Vlinder. p CarmineWorx, l Medieval dungeon).


A lot has changed from when I founded RopeMarks, me as foremost, but the entire world-wide-scene has changed. Some changes are for the better some changes less so. When I started there were very little workshops, if any at all, today there is workshops every week in some corner of the planet.

Bondage shows or simply a demo was scarce, if any at all, and don’t get me started on the quality of the show or demo (something I strongly believe in; if you go on stage, you first make what you do work for your audience, not for you), today there is always somebody eager to go on stage and show what he/she has learned, where the quality is going from downright bad to woohoo-loving-it!

Anyway, I’m being signaled to step back into the roller coaster, for all the people that have stuck with me and believed in me over all these 20 years: thank you! For all the people that have come and gone for longer or shorter periods: thank you! For the people that are still here, with me, supporting me, believing in me: thank you so very much! Each and every one of you has brought me something that I added to my life and/or to my rigging.

Unto the next 20 years!


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