Wasteland… another edition of a party that I am more than one year late with reviewing it… even if two more Wastelands have already happened since the November 2012 edition I do want to spend some words on it since it was another Wasteland where we really added to the entertainment of the party.

We participated in a video installment from Wilhelmusvlug (aka Run PaintRun). The theme of Wasteland and the video installment was Fetish Motel. This installment was 19m wide!  The video with our participation:

Then, where the Fetish Hotel video installment was a lot of fun but a RopeMarks bread and butter, two fingers in the nose, activity, we participated in the catwalk of -the- best corset designer of (imo) the world. No, I was not participating by wearing a corset, I was participating behind the scenes, together with the man himself, Jeroen van der Kliss, ME-Chiel and a truckload of the most beautiful models including Playboy’s Playmate Zimra Geurts.

Setting up a catwalk like this was definitely not bread and butter and I was sticking my complete arm up my nose to do this, but the end result is stunning thanks to everyone who participated in one way or another but special mention of-course to Jeroen van der Kliss and ME-Chiel.

Credits: Wilhelmusvlug |Bizarre Design | ME-Chiel | Zimra Geurts (Playboy Playmate)