In 2013… Yes some time ago already, we have a serious backlog… Perhaps we should start our blogs with:

“Once upon a time…”

rm213112_0392Anyway, in 2013 Otonawa toured Europe and the Netherlands was also on the list. RopeLounge, *the* Amsterdam peer-rope-group-and-a-lot-more, organized a full rope-day around Otonawa and his beautiful wife/mode/muse Tsubasa.

Who is Otanawa? A professional Kabuki actor with 18 years of experience (20 when I write this :)), a professional kinbaku performer and teacher with his roots in Kitagawa-ryu, a long time member of Kinoko-san’s ichinawa no kai group (a group of professional kinbaku teachers and performers) and the organizer of the annual Tokyo kinbaku festival “Toubaku shouen”.

RopeLounge organised a full rope-day around Otonawa and Tsubasa including workshops and shows. For the last we come in, besides Otonawa, RopeLoune invited RopeMarks for another show – the opening act for Otonawa. When the work is done it is time for fun and it was fun, Otonawa is one cool and funny dude. I hope to meet him again soon.


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