The sculpturist Dann Chetrit from Pesenaz makes among other things sculptures of women in bondage. For his work he needed a model and a rigger to study. So last weekend we took the plane to Marseille for a long weekend of bondage meeting art.

We arrived Thursday evening and had a lovely dinner at Dann and Fabienne’s house. They let us sleep in their bedroom (their hospitality was almost to much). And on Friday Dann showed us his studio. It is a nice place; it is big and has a great atmosphere (including a bar). Friday evening Dann arranged a “arts live” evening where we did two bondage shows. The audience (art people, not fetish/SM) had no idea what to expect, but we got a lot of compliments after our performance. They really loved it. The biggest turn on for them was the love between Bob and me. They had not expected it to be so full of tendernes, they thought it would be harder. I must say that most people do not understand what we do and that especially our suspensions are extreme and are really torture. Maybe I should start crying to get more impact on the torture aspect of what we do 🙂

After the show we did a photo shoot with Gnom, he makes photos with light painting. His photos are done with a camera, flashlights and a long shutter speed, but not with a computer and not with photoshop or what so ever. He is a real artist, the photos turned out beautiful. We definately want to do more with him in the future.

Saturday evening we went to famous Cap D’Agde, also called the Naked City. It is a whole naturist town (which is very quiet at winter). We went to club Glamour, which is a swingers club. We are no swingers, but it was not mandatory to have sex with other people 🙂 We met with some nice friends from Dann and Fabienne and had a great evening.

On Saturday and Sunday, we posed in several bondage poses for Dann. He made a drawing and took pictures so he can use it to create his sculptures.


It was a wonderful weekend. We met lovely people and enjoyed the French way of live! We can’t wait to see the sculptures when they are finished.