We have spent the last weekend in the South of France, Paulhan and Pezenas to be exact. We were invited by Franse sculptor Dann Chetrit to model for some kinbaku sculptures he is going to create. Our stay there was very pleasant, Dann and his wife Fabienne are very good and friendly people and have access to the best France wines 🙂

We arrived on Thursday evening, where Dann picked us up from the airport in Montpellier for a short drive of 45 minutes to his house in Paulhan where we met his lovely wife Fabienne and his daughter Luna. We where also treated to an unexpected dinner (the France eat late) with some very good wine.

For Friday Dann has organized a party for his friends in his studio La Tannerie in Pezenas. This gave us the opportunity to show our stuff in a number of shows. The party was attented by close to 50 people ranging from artist, photographers to art-lovers and fetishists. This was for us a great way to get our bondage out of the S&M scene and into the art scene (something we feel very strong about). The shows we did were greatly appreciated and we have some great leads for a more artistic approach of our shibari/kinbaku bondage style.

That same evening we collaborated with Gnom, a photographer with a lot of experience and specialized in light-painting, to create some wonderful light-painted photo’s of one of our bondage’s. We are definitely going to meet with him again to create images.

Our Saturday was spent very relaxed, getting up late, eating and drinking at La Tannerie with Dann, Fabienne and Gnom and his wife. The wine as well as the food was excellent. Later in the day we did a pose for Dann to create a sculpture from. Dann’s sculpture are usually a little bigger than lifesize. The evening we spent with friends at Cap d’Agde for food and party. Again we ended this evening some great leads for future performances (a short tour) in France, specifically the south.

The Sunday was started late with food and drinks, a tour of the surroundings where Dann and Fabienne lived and a in-house picnic in the France style (good food and good wine 🙂 ). Later in the day we did 3 more poses that Dann is going to use for sculptures. The day ended with good food, good wine a wonderful evening among friends (we where only a few day together with Dann and Fabienne but we do consider them friends).

Monday we had to leave for Amsterdam again. We’ve had a wonderful time and have some great memories to look back upon (not the mention the bottles of wine and 15+GB in photo’s and video that we brought back home 🙂 )

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