The world of Japanese Rope Artists is saddened with the news of the passing on September 12, 2001 of Osada Eikichi. Osada sensei was one of the most famous “nawa sensei’s” in Japan. He was 76 years old, born on March 15, 1925 in Tochigi Prefecture.

He started performing his SM/ Rope Bondage shows about 40 years ago, although his interests in SM began as a student at Hosei University some 60 years ago. He was greatly admired and respected in the scene.

He was a printer by trade, and was the founder of the “Osada Seminar”, a private membership SM organization in Japan. He was well known and recognized as an architect of the Japanese SM scene, and is regarded as the founder of the SM/ Rope Art show in Japan. Indeed he was recognized as the Grand Master of Rope Art in Japan.

An article in the April 1999 issue of the Tokyo Journal, titled “The Flying Rope Man” he was described as “a man who lives by the rope and provides pleasure to women who love to be bound”. It is because of this man that thousands of people around the world have an appreciation for the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage. The SM/Rope world owes much to his memory.

He was active in his Rope Art performances until just a few months ago, giving his last performance was January 20, 2001. His dear friend and protege Dr. D. Vice at that time took over his shows in his place.

For the past 15 years he performed with his friend /submissive/ model Kazumi. Most recently in 1999-2001 they performed weekly at the “Bondage Bar” (now closed), then the world famous “Mistress Bar” and “Studio 6” ( Osada Steve ). Kazumi tells us that Osada Sensei was extremely private individual and during these last years, not one foreigner was ever allowed in his presence except those introduced to him by his friend Dr. D. Vice, a german living and working with him in Japan for the past 20 years.

The relationship of a nawa sensei and his submissive model is different than we commonly think in the west. Osada sensei was a “nawashi” which means rope artist, not a slave Master as is common in western BDSM. Kazumi, his submissive was not that of a slave, but a submissive model.

Sept 12, 2001

I would like to thank Dr. D. Vice of Tokyo for your friendship and assistance via emails, as well as your articles and other writings which enabled me to report this sad event. We were also honored to learn that Osada Sensei’s submissive model, Kazumi, in the grief of her loss, was kind enough to read over this memoriam and tribute, affirming to us its accuracy before we published it

Photo used by permission of Dr. D. Vice
Article used with permission of Tatu.



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