In Memoriam: Miura Takumi 1960 – Oct 31 2021

After fighting cancer for a very a very long time Miura Takumi finally lost his battle last Sunday, 31 Oct. 2021. With his passing the world of kinbaku has lost a great kinbakushi.

When I first visited Japan I had the privilege to meet, talk (via a translator) and drink (in abundance) with Miura-san. For an interview with Sanwa publishing I was asked to perform a demonstration. Miura-san came by specifically to watch this gaijin tie. One of the things that I will always remember is that when he was asked what he thought of the demo he responded (paraphrasing here) “I was able to relax while watching and enjoy the demonstration“. This, I was told, could be considered a great compliment; I blushed. You can read more about that here.

Miura Takumi discovered bondage in his twenties, after which he started practicing bondage in private. When he met Akechi Denki he became fascinated by the depths you can reach with bondage. In 1996, together with Akechi Denki, Miura-san co-founded the first rope school in Japan; bakuyukai. Here he took on the role of an excellent head-instructor. Miura-san was a very creative and talented bakushi.

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Nov. 1 2021

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