Japanese: 長田英吉

Born on March 15, 1925 in Tochigi Prefecture, passed away September 12, 2001. He was 76 years old.

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Osada Eikichi is considered one of the giants of kinbaku. He became interested in SM while still a student, in the 1940’s. His public career started in 1960. He did SM and kinbaku shows at various clubs, founded the Osada Seminar community, and laid the foundation for the SM / Shibari scene of Japan. Osada Eikichi rightfully earned the title of Grand Master kinbaku. Many call him the kinbaku father (Seiu Ito is called the grandfather).

In addition to promoting the kinbaku scene, the master made a great contribution to the development of the binding technique. For his skill, he received another name: “The Flying Rope Man”.

His last performance was on January 20, 2001.


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