There a few German fetish events, my favorite, by far, is the German Fetish Ball in Berlin; this year celebrating its ten year anniversary.

This time we rented an apartment in Berlin Mitte with good friends of ours. People we don’t see daily but really consider good people and good friends (you know who you are! 🙂 ). Looking back, this was one of the nicer ways to stay in Berlin.

Me, I had the weekend off, it was my model that had to work, well, work, she had the pleasure of getting all dressed up in the most beautiful rubber outfits from the most amazing rubber designers. Can’t really call that work for a rubber fetishist, now can we?

On top of this “work” we planned a rubber-shoot with the one and only Miss Rubber World 2013 and all-round cutie, Swedish super fetish model Psylocke (yes, we like her, lots).

The remainder of the time we spend together, relaxed and enjoyed the weather and each other. The months before the GFB we have been working 24/7 and at one point that starts taking its toll.

Know your meme, pics or it didn’t happen! Here they are:

For our shoot with Psylocke we recruited Bommi as the photographer and were generously provided with outfits by HW Design. The final results of this shoot are not in yet, but in anticipation of Bommi’s awesome results I will show you some of my crappy behind the scenes shot with an iPhone.

I have so many shots of the Ball that I don’t even know how to begin showing them; that’s what you get when I have the weekend off! Let’s start with the serious images. My model walked for two amazing rubber designers; Bondinage and Inner Sanctum. Incidentally, Inner Sanctum also won the Best Designer 2013 award (we have a not so serious image of that).

Next I have bunch of shots taken from the backstage area, always a joy to be surrounded by too many beautiful girl running around naked looking for their rubber outfit… and a number of shots from the beginning of the party…

On the images you see the Marilyn Yusuf, Psylocke, Max (Inner Sanctum), Sister Sinister, Fetish Liza, Stephen (Bondinage), Kari Berg, Sinteque, In comnmand, Irresistible Iris, Tim, Amrita, Miss Mirjana, Bommi.

And, well… it was all downhill from here…

On the images you see Marilyn Yusuf, Psylocke, Sister Sinister, Miss Mirjana, Lara Aimee, Kari Berg´s Butt, Max (Inner Sanctum), Stéphane Roy, ME-Chiel,  Xander, Bommi, a clown, Kwipi Lovebite, Stephen (Bondinage), Max (InnerSanctum) and repeat…

If you see yourself on an image that is too compromising, let me know, I’ll add a Hello Kitty bar in front your eyes… or something.

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