We received our invitation for RopeFest 2013 the moment the date was set. With the amazing experience we had on the premiere 2012 edition we check our schedule and thought, we can make that, and accepted the invitation. We had discussed two masterclasses on RopeMarks Ryu and two main-stage shows that we were really looking forward too. Our anticipation was fueled by the many mails and masterclass requests in our mailbox from people looking forward to it.

The closer the date for RopeFest 2013 came the more crammed our schedule around the RopeFest date started too look. Still we could make it in our usual fashion, fly-in on the day it starts and fly-out same day the event ended. When, unfortunately, a few weeks ago we received an unexpected (personal) addition to our schedule and it become impossible to even fly-in on the day RopeFest would start and would have to fly-out before RopeFest would be over. We discussed with the organization what would be the wisest move. Although we would have _loved_ to be present we decided that it would be in the best interest of RopeFest to skip this year.

With this blog we would like to apologize again to Борис for his efforts to get us to RopeFest 2013 and we would like to apologize to everybody that mailed us saying how much they looked forward to our masterclass and/or shows. All is not lost and we are working on a virtual presence for RopeFest 2013 🙂

We expect our schedule for RopeFest 2014 to be more relaxed and be there to drink a Vodka with you all!


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