My phone wanted attention, a message from Andrea Ropes. If I was interested to do a one day RopeMarks Ryū masterclass for the members of the Bologna Project in Bologna, Italy. This would have to take place in Summertime. Italy in summertime, that was an immediate yes!

After the masterclass day we would go to the “Kinksters Dungeon Party”. This party would take place in an open-air swingers club redecorated for a BDSM party. During this party Andrea and me would perform. Italy in summertime, open-air BDSM party, double big yes!

I asked Kama Medea to be my bunny for this event and after mentioning Italy in summertime and open-air BDSM there was a big yes as well. I hoped she would say yes because of my sparkling personality, awesome rope and big… great conversational talent! But, hey, you take a win any which way you can.

After the workshop and show there was a full day of relaxing in the open-air swingers club. Kama and me used this to relax, big time, and make use of the place as it was intended (*wink* *wink*). To our surprise there where also a few bondage and BDSM activities planned. We participated in an escape challenge. It should come as no surprise that Kama did not escape my tie.

All together this was a great experience, thank you for asking me Andrea. The workshop participant were real quick in picking up the the more difficult parts of the ties, I did not make it easy for them. The show was well received, judging by the compliments afterwards, thank you for that.


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