Over the past 20 years I’ve been asked to participate and sometimes feature in many media outings ranging from magazines to full fledged, international, television programs.

Today I participate in the pilot for a new KRO / NCRCV tv program. By my side is the sweetheart Daisy Bells for support and the receiver of my ropes for a demonstration. My part in the pilot is to have a conversation with Anita Witzier and talk about BDSM, bondage and kinbaku.

When the television team arrived at casa RopeMarks and was set up the conversation with Anita started. They had prepared a number of basic but interesting starter questions. For instance we talked about what BDSM is, what forms of bondage there are and my specialization, kinbaku. Then talked about kinbaku. During this part it is almost impossible not to, at least, touch the topic of hojo jutsu. We did and I illustrated with some images.

From there we moved to me doing RopeMarks professionally, paying taxes and all, for 20 years this year. How I got interested in Kinbaku and founded a company and how my shows, workshops and other activities evolved.

In the the last bit I provided some tips and tricks for starters with bondage in general and kinbaku in particular. Then finished (the cherry on the pie) by doing a short demonstration with Daisy. Now… I thought that was the cherry on the pie, but I got to do some easy bondage’s on the host, Anita, as well.

All in all this was a great experience with a great crew and hope they get enough amazing material to get this pilot approved, fingers crossed.

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