We’re feeling very much alive at the moment but also very alien from our own body. On april 19nd we arrived in Amsterdam again after three wonderful weeks in Japan. We already knew our return to Amsterdam would not allow us some rest and gently easing back in the rush of our Dutch lives. We have been booked for every day, except one, on the new Dutch party “Absolute Kink” (five days of fetish decadence in Amsterdam).

gas3515_2Since our jet-lagged bodies did not respond to our normal brainwave pattern we decided to go to the “Meet & Greet Cocktailparty” and meet with the international jetset that we knew was gracing us this weekend during Absolute Kink. This turned out to be a very nice evening, great location, relaxing music and a great public. We stayed way longer than we originally intended and had a great meet with Danny herself and Robert, Ian Rath (a very cool dude! :), Peter, Kumi Monster, Ancilla Tilia, Maria Shadoes (who we got to play with) and many more.


gas3520The 2nd day of Absolute Kink was reserved for the Guilty as Sin party, we were booked for a main stage shibari show and an “ambiance performance”, the first I don’t need to explain, the second simple means “do what you like for hours in a relaxing atmosphere, just make sure you keep on tying”. We had fun during our main stage performance and my fingers still hurt from the ambiance performance :). Besides Chantal we had some fun with Ancilla and Miss Suzn. This night we also got to meet with Eden Wells (Ian’s wife). The party itself had a great atmosphere, good music and very friendly fetish-minded people.

The 3rd day of Absolute Kink we skipped, although we had free entrance to all that was going on we felt really tired and thought it best to get to bed early and give our jet-lagged bodies some well deserved rest at proper Dutch times.

The 4th day we had two bookings, one for the “Japanese Bondage brunch” and the other for “Verboten” the party of that evening. The brunch was a very exciting, all afternoon tying action and workshops event. We should have more of those in Amsterdam. The Verboten party we did a show together with Kumi. As with all parties and events of Absolute Kink we attended the Verboten party was a very pleasant place to be, real fetish people, real BDSM people and (more in our line) real bondage people.

For us Absolute Kink is over, now we are tired! And I have not even started talking about the AFFF that is going on this week in Amsterdam… that I’m missing completely for the first time in 22 years.