The November 2011 edition of Wasteland (the wildest party on Earth) was a big one for RopeMarks. Since this edition was in Asian style it kinda makes sense RopeMarks had a big part in it.

One of the goodies during the entire evening was a 19m long video wall created by RunPaintRun. His video wall was completely based on the Tokyo “red light” district including 4 rooms with Japanese (style) action that the visitors could voyeur inside. Two of these rooms where occupied by RopeMarks and Dutch-Dame. In the first room RopeMarks tied Dutch-Dame into a yoko zuri after which he harassed and embarrassed her with a video 8 camera in Kill Bill’s Crazy 88 style. In the second room Dutch-Dame got to endure a hashira ushirodaki shibari by the hands of RopeMarks and was reduced to suffer as a room ornament.

RopeMarks has been supporting Demask ever since the take-over by the new owners. During this Wasteland Demask performed a perfect new show and I was there backstage to help out. This show definitely (re)established the Demask name as the worlds number one (extreme) rubber/latex manufacturer. 



RopeMarks had another spotlight during this Wasteland edition. Together with the Dutch-Dame they presented their new show. In front of 1000nds of partying people the “Bending over Backwards” (aka aomuke gyaku-ebi zuri shibari) show got to see the light of day on Wastelands main-stage! *proud*




As usual Wasteland is a list of who’s who, too name two that made me very happy to see again; Amrita (now Mrs Amrita) and Esinem who’s light only got stolen by the lovely model he brought by his side 🙂



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