I want to rant a little before I write about two cool events that we participated in the last month.

One of the things that annoys me immensely in (mainly) the Japanese bondage scene are the copycats (by lack of a better word). I’ve roughly categorized them in two categories.

The first category are the ones that deconstruct one or two bondage’s from photo’s and re-apply these bondage’s to any willing “model”  (do note the quotation marks, but that’s a completely different rant). This inexperienced rigger generally applies his deconstructed bondage badly and more often than not the inexperienced  “model” is removed from the bondage with a damaged nerve (luckily most of the time not a permanent damage).

The second category takes actual workshops from one or more riggers with a good track record (i.e. RopeMarks *plug* *plug* :)). They pay good money to learn to do bondage safely, learn to listen to and respect the “models” they are going to work with and learn some crucial fact about the human body related to bondage. So far so good, but this rigger stops there and expects to be the best rigger in the world because he has taking “the right steps” to learning bondage. And this rigger has taken the right steps, but these were only the first steps of one long journey. This rigger then boast on the web about learning from “the best riggers in the world” (i.e. RopeMarks *plug* *plug* :)) but is just a copy of that rigger, shows no creativity, takes no further steps to improve and does not grow or create an own style.  Because this rigger stops he has become yet another no-name uninteresting copy of the real-deal but boasts an ego that says he’s the new bondage-God. This rigger still hurts unknowing “models”.

To complete this rant… Why?  Why? Why do riggers in general and the riggers from the categories mentioned above not see the charm and need of doing bondage without suspension? Why don’t people see the danger?  Even if I tell them (when they take workshops from me) they don’t want to see.

Why do I literally see the most in-experienced riggers (M/F) without any usable knowledge of the human body and/or bondage suspend the most in-experienced “models” without any usable knowledge about their own bodies in bondage? It’s an accident waiting to happen and it does happen, in the last two months I’ve had three reports of “models” damaged by an inexperienced rigger. Two of the damages healed within a week, the third looks like a permanent damage.

All damages were done by riggers in the categories I just ranted about… this is a very bad development…

If you feel like I’m addressing you… take steps to improve…