I’d like to give you a small update of what has been happening lately. Apparently people start to wonder if we are still active when you hear nothing from us (sorry Mom! :)).

The main reason why there is sort of a cyber-silence from us is that we have started the last project of this year, or more correctly, we plan to have this project finished by the end of the year. In a blog-post at the beginning of 2009 we talked about a number of projects for this year. We are on schedule of finishing all we have planned, the one we’re working on now is the last (no, I’m not spilling just yet :)).

A small recap of what I think are the highlights of this year so far for us:

  • RopeMarks has become an official Dutch company
  • Our second DVD came out
  • The R.A.R.E. meetings started
  • A kickass big mainstage show where we collaborated with a lot of people
  • A relaxing holiday with friends

Then some things that kept us busy the last month or so.

We went to Hamburg, Germany for a show on the Respekt party of Master Grimme. This edition was a special occasion, it was the 10 year anniversary of the party. What I always seem to say about German parties and location, the people show a tremendous amount of respect and the locations breathe an enormous amount of atmosphere. The Respekt party was no different. We had a great time.

We also did our “RopeMarks Interactive” show again, this time on the B.I.T.C.H. party. RopeMarks Interactive is a night long activity where we interact with the audience and the audience gets the opportunity to experience our style of bondage. You might remember form a previous blog how our first “RopeMarks Interactive” was not executed how we envisioned it. With that knowledge in mind we talked with the B.I.T.C.H. organization how to improve. This time we are very happy with how it was executed. We had fun and the audience participation (and appreciation) was very good. For ourselves there was a special moment with Miss Duveaux. She wrote about the experience, you can read it here http://www.MissDuveaux.com (scroll down to the “B.I.T.C.H.” entry)

There was a short exposure of our material on Dutch national TV again. This time Dutch adult star Sofia Valentine was invited for a program about Japan and Japanese TV. Her input dealt with p*rn (obviously :)) and she was invited to show material of herself in bondage, that was our (still unpublished) work.


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