A few weeks ago, 10 Feb. 2008, we got published in something that I’m particularly proud of.

I feel very strong about (Japanese) bondage being more than just a kinky-sex-game or a foreplay to “more serious BDSM” (as I have heard people refer to bondage). In a mainstream-context the most prominent thing I feel (Japanese) bondage is more is the art-side, the art-factor.

A few weeks ago I feel I have been rewarded for thinking and acting on (Japanese) bondage being this more. We have had (earned!) a full page interview (with pictures) in Hollands biggest daily newspaper, “De Telegraaf”.

I’m hoping things do not stop here, I’ll always see (Japanese) bondage my own way, the RopeMarks way.


Interview by Beertje van Beers | Photo’s by Frank de Ruiter | RopeMarks