A lot has happened for us in the past weeks, and as usual we’re late with everything. Here are our excuses 🙂

From Jan 19 to 27 Amsterdam hosted the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

An excerpt from the organisation: “AIFW is steadily establishing itself as a young and directional alternative to the world’s more traditional fashion weeks. Focusing on Amsterdam’s reputation as an inspiring city, the AIFW program combines commerce with creativity. Alongside our catwalk show schedule our program includes fashion events, lectures, exhibitions, retail initiatives and parties. As well as a showcase for Dutch fashion, AIFW provides a stage for the growing New Luxury segment, that so far was stuck between existing mainstream trade events and traditional couture weeks.”

As a part of this event we have celebrated Fashion Week’s edgier themes with a special presentation. We demonstrated that by using the techniques of Japanese Rope Bondage, an ancient form of art, any women can be transformed into a beautiful fetish fashion model.

To promote our activity we got a big area in the Fashion Week’s paper, including a performance schedule. In addition we also got one entire window of the American Book Center, ABC (Amsterdam’s biggest and most famous English language bookshop). 



We ended up doing two shows one where we turn an average business woman into a fetish model and one where we show the true beauty of Japanese bondage.