The First R.A.R.E. (RopeMarks Artistic Rope Exchange) meeting is a fact and left us with a taste for more.

This first meeting was set up in the privacy of our own house and studio with just a few interested friends from the scene. Our intention was to see if doing a meeting this focused on a particular subject could work, if doing this on a regular basis could be viable.

From what we experienced this first meeting our initial ideas and thoughts worked out pretty good. For the second meeting we will change a few things and continue from there until we have a formula that we can take outside of the privacy of our own house and studio.

So, what happened, good conversations, good food, good alcohol and well, bondage, bondage, bondage and bondage. We started the evening and after our start it was a mix and match of bondage. We didn’t really make pictures, but we have some snapshots for you.