Soooo… How to spend your weekend 101.

Last weekend the Wasteland party was held again. For this edition one of the shows was a SM/Bondage/Magic-act from Japan, by Mira Kurumi. Mira Kurumi is a well known name in the Japanese SM Scene, he has been doing his “thing” for eleven (eleben:) years now, has his own studio in Japan and has started his own DVD-label. His show on Wasteland was a combination of magic, bondage and SM. A four-man show, Kurumi-san, Ari (his gothic-lolita slavegirl, uber-cute!), Amrita and Coco.

How did we spend our weekend? It started on Thursday, we picked up Amrita from Schiphol, who flew in From Vienna. Then we picked up Mira Kurumi and Ari who arrived a few hour later from Japan.

The next day we went for some Amsterdam sightseeing and Dutch pancakes. Now there’s an experience, petite Japanese people who are getting a humongously big plate with a Dutch pancake (which is more like an Italian pizza) on it. Save to say, they did not finish the entire pancake… or I’m just an over-eater :). Because Kurumi-san has his own studio in Tokyo he was interested in a real Fetish/SM party in the Netherlands. No better place to go than Mrs. Manita’s Fetish and SM-Play Party on the ShowBoat. In the evening we went and as usual we had fun (I don’t remember -not- having fun during one of Mrs. Manita’s parties), a great combination of good atmosphere, real scene people, real shows (no simple shaking your latex ass) and real action (no plain f*ck*ng). Kurumi-san has had a great time there, it wasn’t until late and people started to leave that he thought it was time to go to.

Saturday, the day of Wasteland, they we’re busy with preparations for the show (Kurumi-san, if you read this, I want my carabiner back! :)). This was a crazy busy day, so we met up during the Wasteland party. This time Wasteland was held in the North Sea Venue again (finally! 🙂 and imvho has put Wasteland completely back on track, we had a great, almost “old-fashioned” good time. Kurumi-san’s show was late but they performed it very good, tired as they must have been. His combination of magic and bondage was very interesting (to say the least), he also performed a few interesting bondage-position-switches. Hopefully the crowd “got it”, but knowing the Dutch party people they probably didn’t (judging from some comments from people watching next to us :). Still, I truly enjoyed and would recommend his show!

Sunday we didn’t… where unable to, do much. Monday we drove the Japanese visitors back to Schiphol and that ended our weekend. 

Next weekend, Kumi and Midori.

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