Most of the Dust of the three day erotic fair Kamasutra has settled.

It were 3 very long and heavy but rewarding days. First of all we decided to use our bamboo tripod again, the thing is hell to transport but looked very impressive. We had 2 workshop each day, performed a handful of demonstrations and tried to explain to interested people what this Japanese bondage is all about. Oh, and we tried to sell them our DVD, rope from, the BoundCon IV DVD’s, RopeMarks mouse-pad’s, subscriptions to our club and R.A.R.E. Just like a real business 🙂

Unfortunately Chantal could not be present on the third day because of family-matters. So we needed someone to fill in some mighty big shoes on that day. We found her in a friend of ours, Lonneke from Suringa-K. Suringa-K designs and creates unique and exclusive BDSM furniture. Today Lonneke was not busy with BDSM furniture, she was my bondage demo crash test dummy, right-hand during the workshops and in general a very big help during the entire day. For which a big thanks!

An artist friend of Lonneke, also present at the erotic fair, Hans Bijloo, made a few digital impressions of a demonstration Lonneke was put through by me. As if that was not enough, Kamasutra TV aired one session I did the Lonneke.





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