It’s over, actually it was over a few days ago but now I’m back to being my adhd-self again 🙂

The Dutch Kamasutra erotic fair, Hollands biggest erotic fair, we’ve already done shows on numerous occasions but this edition was our first time with our own stand. Kamasutra booked us for four workshops.

Our presence and activities were extensively announced in the fair magazine. Before and after the fair numerous magazine’s reported, with or without images, of our presence and activities.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to take photo’s on the fair so all we can offer are two snapshots that we took.


Since this is a “vanilla” erotic fair we expected people not to understand what it is that we do and maybe even make respect-less remarks. We did encounter some negativity but overall the responses were very positive. We made contact with some very interesting people that if it’s up to us you will hear from very soon! 🙂