After BoundCon III (in München, Deutschland) we packed our stuff together and traveled on to Riccione, Italy to meet up with Master “R” and his sub angel. There we enjoyed a week of doing absolutely nothing! Nothing? No, nothing! We enjoyed the sun, read books (Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, should you care 🙂 ) and made major decisions on where to have lunch and dinner each day. Life was good 🙂 

A few days after we got back from Riccione we had a great time meeting with Steve Indands. Steve is the man behind the Austin Ropecraft Symposion (ARS). This was our first opportunity to put a face to the e-mail address. We had a great time with him. Steve is a very cool dude that understands how the “scene” works and has respect written al over him. We really hope to see him again soon. Unfortunately not on the 2006 ARS.

After intensive communication with Steve we had to decline his offer to come and teach on the second Austin Ropecraft Symposium in Austin, Texas, USA. We had to decline the first ARS because of other responsibilities and this time we had to decline for financial reasons. Well… there is always next year 🙂