If you are in “our” scene and have not been living under a rock you must have heard about Jumpcut?

Jumpcut is a film by Saskia Quax that lets you playfully get acquainted with the sexual fantasies of a young woman without becoming explicit. Sexuality is very personal and each and everyone experiences this in its own way, no matter who is in control.

Without further ado, here is the Jumpcut teaser: 

And some imagery from Jumpcut:

Update: At the moment of writing Jumpcut has been and still is touring through Europe and is shown at events and festivals. So far Jumpcut is rewarded with several awards:

Jumpcut | Saskia Quax | RopeMarks | Get the JumpCut DVD
and a host of famous names from the Dutch fetish scene


Edit 1: Jumpcut is now registered with IMDB.

Edit 2: Jumpcut keeps winning awards, images have been added to this post.

Edit 3: Jumpcut is available via the Mail&Female film site.

Edit 4: Jumpcut is added to Petra Joy‘s DVD Collection.

Edit 5: I am going to stop editing this entry…