The show “Fleisch” I have been performing all over the globe in 2017 and 2018 and now I am making it available online for everyone to see.

If you want to skip the writing, go right to the page with the video’s and photos otherwise, keep reading.

The working title for what became “Fleisch” was “Bloody Hell”, I wanted to create a kinbaku show with a lot of blood and spice it up further with sexual elements. In the end we do bondage for the sex right, why not show some of that?

To make space for the blood a horror element was added, I would play a butcher that after hours satisfies his cannibal needs by making meat from human bodies. To make space for the sexual element the butcher would satisfy his necrophylic needs before slicing up the bodies. This is one f*ck*d up butcher but it offers the handles for the intent and storyline.

Then, together with my bunny, I started experimenting with interesting positions and kata’s that would fit the storyline and finally ended up with a kata going from a kaikyaku kani (shibari) through several transitions and (bloody and sexual) play to a single rope jiai (shibari) suspension  with finally a kubi zuri.

As it usually goes with a creative process in the beginning anything is possible and as there is progress things become more concrete and fitting for the entire concept, the show. We had to loose the blood for the most part and tuned down the sexual part. We did get a bunch mannequins that acted as the bloody chopped up victims of our butcher, ready to become his meal, his meat. We finalised the title to “Fleisch”, the German word for “meat”.

Enough talking, the video’s and photo’s from “Fleisch” that I have received are available for you.


“Fleisch” | RopeMarks