Don’t know if it’s the time of the year, my own happy life that I spend together with Dutch-Dame or anything else but I am enjoying the things I do a lot. Even so with the last Clinic party.

RopeMarks got booked for two shows for the Clinic party, a side act and one kick-ass main stage act. Besides RopeMarks another professional rope artist was booked, nawashi Murakawa.

For me this was a very pleasant surprise since he got booked very last minute. The very first time I ever met Murakawa must have been 12, 13 years ago, a time where I had a big interest in (Japanese) bondage was quite active but was nowhere compared to where I am today.

So, it was real pleasure to make re-acquaintance with  him and to see him perform live. To me his show was a breath of fresh air. Lately all you see are copycats, I have literally not seen anything original being done in the West.  In my personal opinion the East is slacking at the moment as well, but that’s an entire other blog worth :). 

Nawashi Murakawa used all the traditional aspects, ranging from clothing to attributes and (very good to see) attitude. His movements are determined, his bondage his own but still very much kinbaku, his speed makes it interesting to look at and (that’s unique) he was able to surprise me a number of times during his show.

After his show I got to perform my own feeble attempts at proper kinbaku. Two shots of our shows are show here.