25 12 2015

The backlog game

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Christmas time... that is usually that time of the year... *uhm*, that we here at RopeMarks HQ get a changes to get rid of our backlog of the past [...]

17 12 2015

In hindsight

By |2023-06-01T18:51:37+02:0017th December 2015|Categories: General|Tags: |0 Comments

For RopeMarks 2015 has been a year where we have taken things slower. If we look back and you see what we ended up doing it doesn’t feel like that at all, but we really did slow down a bit! To me that only goes to show for we have been doing way too much in the years before 2015.  The last 4, perhaps 5, years have been a continues rollercoaster of activities

12 12 2015

Party on, a gift

By |2023-06-01T18:39:35+02:0012th December 2015|Categories: General|0 Comments

Now two months ago already my girl went on a short tour through Europe. Unfortunately I was unable to attend and on one of her stops, the Luxuria party in [...]


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