Christmas time… that is usually that time of the year… *uhm*, that we here at RopeMarks HQ get a changes to get rid of our backlog of the past year. At least, that is what we say this year, what we said last year and the year before that and… Well, you get the point right?  It just does not happen…

Our last update on Club RopeMarks , awesome as it is, was produced in 2011(!) and we have photo and video sets going back to 2007(!) that we still think are worth posting. We have sets going back to 2002 that we have not shared with you, but we have to draw a line somewhere and that line is quality, so 2007 it is.

This year however got me thinking, why do we need a backlog, what is so special about what we want to share with you about our way of live that can’t be done within a reasonable time-frame? Well, first of all, we still need to have a day job to pay the bills since you cheapskates are not willing to pay what we think we are worth 🙂 therefore we produce way more than we have time to process. Second, and this dawned on my trying to get through some of our backlog, we have so many images that have a complete story behind them and we love to share that story… given time.

Since our enthousiasme in producing does not allow for much extra time we thought to give you a number of photo’s with stories and leave it up to your imagination as to what it might be. As a welcome addition this brings a nice dent in our backlog.

Curious to see what stories you think are behind the images? leave ‘m in the comments 🙂