Here is something new:

I just set my rope on fire…

No, I was not using a lighter or any other fire starter. I was playing with my girl, rope and and a bamboo beam and then my rope caught fire.

I just set my rope on fire… 🙂

This is something completely new for me.

Here is how it happened; happily tying my drop dead gorgeous girl, suspending her from my bamboo beam (I have a South American guadua angustifolia beam) and at one point of our play I perform a lift from where my girl is close to the floor to nearly all the way to the beam.

In this action my jute rope was sliding over the beam, fast, this resulted in friction between my rope and the beam. This friction must have turned into so much heat that it resulted in my rope catching fire.

Most of it was just sparks, slapping it made the fire die, no harm done to my girl. My bamboo has a smooth shiny spot where most of the friction took place and the rope at one point was thinner that the rest of that length (that length is retired now).

No pictures, this was a private action.

Am I alone in this experience or have others experienced this as well?

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