The event has happened again, for the fifth time already, an anniversary. I’m talking about BoundCon, worlds largest event where the focus is on bondage. It was a meet and greet with old and new friends, friends who exhibited and friends who simply attended.

This year, as the previous years, we had our own booth (biggest so far), were booked for two custom photo shoots and were booked for two main-stage shows. In-between we performed bondage demonstrations in our booth. These last always cause some sort of a clutter in the walkway of the event 🙂

Besides the always adorable Chantal I had the pleasure of working… Uhm tying up the lovely Czech Republic native Katarina Blade, big boobed German pretty Red Hibisca another lovely German called Sophia. I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Iridal Loveland, we have been mailing for a long time but finally now we met, and did some tie-ing :). A very promising new bondage model made her appearance this BoundCon, Christie Biel, she’s fun 🙂

See the gallery at the end for more pictures! they can do a better job at talking about this BoundCon edition. Really, there is to much to tell. It is safe to say, everyone who is someone and everyone who wants to be someone was there. Just to name a few, in no particular order; Alcova, BindMe, Bondage Project, Patrick (Shibari by Patrick). Masters in Steel, Sabrina Fox, Alberto Lisi, Bondinage, Pedro Konijn, Massad, Isabella Sinclair, Esinem, Jewell Marceau, Philippe Boxis, Art Sensual and so many, many more!

There is no way for me to tell you about BoundCon to make you experience the feeling. So, here’s a reverse psychology attempt; You haven’t been to BoundCon? Than I guess you just don’t like bondage that much 🙂

Until next year!


Pics by: Stiller Waechter, maliZ, and many others.