The third BoundCon bondage weekend, the more intimate variation of the big BoundCon that is in Spring each year, took place in Munich. This time I decided to enjoy the event as a regular visitor instead of working my ass off.

Before the BoundCon weekend I made some arrangement with some of the usual suspect photographers and models to shoot and spend time together, hopped in the car and of I went.

Amsterdam Munich is about a working-days-drive and I really enjoy this drive. It’s just me and the road and it really sets my mind at ease. Eventually this state triggers a lot of ideas and creativity, love that!

During the weekend I created some interesting and creative material with Mr. StereoEye, Mr van Marle and the lovely Joan Belle. Since I didn’t have to work for the event there was a lot of time to mingle and be social with a lot of the visitor, riggers and models that I usually do not have the time for (you know who you are).

The socializing was a big plus for me, but the cherry on the pie was that my favorite Russian model, Robin Tyndybarla, decided to be at the weekend as well and this gave the opportunity to work/shoot/socialize together. The first result of this cooperation is already online and appropriately titled “Robins mind reflected”, check the video and you will see why.

When more results become available I will add some previews here and point you to the full set and/or video; bookmark this blog!