A few weeks ago we appeared live on Dutch National TV. Youth-oriented chanel BNN has a program about sex and drugs “Spuiten en Slikken”. This Roughly translated to “using a needle ” (for drugs) and “swallow” (cum).

We’ve appeared in episode 6 and aired live on 23 October 2011.


This episode had a special about bondage and we (Dutch-Dame and me) showed the bondage’s and got something to say about it. I also got to tie up one of the presenters to make her experience what it is like to be _really_ tied up. It wasn’t her thing (understatement :)).

Above there’s a still from the TV episode that shows me in close connection with the tied up presenter :).

Here is a link to where you can watch the episode online:

or just watch it here:

A nice bonus is that RopeMarks now appears in the sex and drugs dictionary on the BNN site as the site to consult for all thing related to bondage, yes! 🙂