This book by Seiko Fujita, the last Koga-Ryu Ninja in Japan, is part of a four volume set entitled Seiko Fujita Chosakushu.

This chosakushu is composed of the books Shurikenjutsu Zukai (illustrated shuriken), Hojojutsu Zukai (illustrated rope tying), Kenpo Gokui Atemi Sakkatsuho Zukai (illustrated secret kenpo killing strikes), Shinto Muso Ryu Jojutsu Zukai (illustrated shinto muso-ryu jojutsu)

Of these four this book has become the most hard-to-find, rare, book.

As the title says, this book is full of hojojutsu illustrations of Seiko Fujita´s research in the early 1900´s of various schools and ancient documents.

ISBN: 4-8390-0297-5
Language: Japanese
Pages: 328

I am very happy to own a copy of this tomb of knowledge into historical Japanese tying, it is one of the most interesting books available. While the book is in Japanese and thus difficult to interpret it contains pictures of possibly every known hojojutsu tie in existence which can then be deciphered and practiced. Some of the images might be a little misleading, they seem impossible to tie as drawn.