Today, Akio Fuji b. 1959, is one of the most iconic photographers within contemporary kinbaku. His masterclass eye and visual aesthetics are showcased in photo books «Bind» (1992), «Stray Dolls» (1995). Titles that individually presents a visionary solution of work in sensuous deep monochrome and glossy color. Kinbakushi in «Bind» is Chimuo Nureki.

Akio Fuji’s 1992 work, BIND, now a classic photo book presents black and white kinbaku plates. The work was also published in the legendary kinbaku magazine Kinbiken Communication. Then, featured as a same-titled photo series, but the material also appeared on front pages to accompanying images for articles or video production advertisements.

Kinbiken Communication, was first published by Akio Fuji’s own publishing company ‘Fuji Publishing House’ June 1989 with Chimo Nureki engaged as editor and writer. Kinbiken was initially est. 1985 by Naomi Sugishita as a ‘study group of bondage and beauty’ with Nureki and Fuji in leading roles. Over the years it evolved from an enthusiast group and meeting space to a frontier multi-disciplinary platform for research, knowledge dissemination, production and distribution of SM photography, printed matter, CD-Rom publications to AV production that today is still active. The print functioned as a standalone SM magazine, but was also a newsletter offering the group’s latest activities.

Kinbiken Communication core organization was: Akio Fuji (photography/publisher), Chimo Nureki (rope master/editor/writer), and now cult-following model Yuri Sunohara. Related personnel are in selection: Masami Akita aka noise musician Merzbow, Akira Naka (rope master), Asaji Muroi (artist), Hiromi Saotome (writer/model/rope master).

The above text is taken from “Where frost reign label & press”


My copy is a hard cover with debossed silver titles , first edition in mint condition.

Format: 13,5 x 18 cm
92 pages
Published by Mole, 1992.