RopeMarks’ kinbaku has appeared on national and international television numerous times. From the occasions that we have the aired material we have listed the excerpts from our participation in the program.

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Abendshow, Germany, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Sep. 2017

During Eurix (fall 2017) we participated in an item for the German television program "Abendshow" (Evening show). The item was about Felix Ruckert, the heart of Eurix, and the event itself. Our part was a short interview and a Denki-ryu suspension.

Click here to see the entire item.

RTL Boulevard, Late Edition, Netherlands, RTL 4, 2017

Golden rule s.m, otherwise known as Golden-San, is a Japanese fysiotherapist, who is actively working on more awareness for safer kinbaku. To this end, he released a bondage manual with the aid of Otonawa.

This resulted in a good article about the book on The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast article was wrongly interpretated by the British media and then the Dutch media, basically, translated the English article into the Dutch language and added some unneccesary, incorrect, non factual and biased information. Here's the article by the "Algemeen Dagblad" and by "Geen Stijl".

The bad, and wrong, publication about the many victims-by-kinbaku got the attention of RTL 4, a Dutch television broadcasting network, that decided to make an item of it for their program "RTL Boulevard". At first the item was going to be about the "freakyness" of the Japanese, but although we were not allowed to talk on the program, our input turned that viewpoint around to a (slightly) better viewpoint (a win is a win).

At best, the whole victims-by-kinbaku story is exagerated by the Japanese media and very much misinterpreted by the Western ones.

Fijne Vrienden (En: Good friends) live #1, Netherlands,  , 2016

Fijne Vrienden is going live on YouTube and the Ziggo channel for the very first time.

RopeMarks, with the aid of the Dutch spark plug "spring", was invited to participate in this premiere edition and to proudly be an extreme good friend of the show!

Here's more from "fijne vrienden".

Fijne Vrienden (En: Good friends) live #1

Spuiten en Slikken, Netherlands, BNN, 2014

Wasteland's latest edition, the 20 year anniversary, had the live RopeMarks Japanese bondage (shibari, kinbaku) performance installation that lasted for three hours! This installation was set up in cooperation with the bigger names in the Netherlands and Japan; First and foremost Wasteland then there was RopeMarks, Amrita, Hibiki (with Karen), ME-Chiel, Haas & Co, Nikki Flames, and Kim OnArt.

To top of this milestone for Wasteland and RopeMarks the Dutch TV network BNN, for the program "Spuiten en Slikken" was there to capture this joyful event and to let RopeMarks have some playtime with the host of the show Gwen.

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Spuiten en Slikken, Netherlands, BNN, 2014

This is an excerpt from an episode of BNN's "Spuiten & Slikken" where RopeMarks was invited for live demonstrations and answering questions about, Japanese, rope bondage.

After recording the episode a picture with the entire crew was made.

Spuiten en Slikken

Fijne Vrienden (En: Good friends), Netherlands,  , 2014

Today we have been making friends, new friends, with George and Veras - which is the concept of the television program "fijne vrienden" (En: good friends).

In their words: Nowadays, everybody wants to have many friends. But how do you create a real friendship? Leave that to the experts: Sam, George and Veras of "good friends"!

A small shoot was part of the episode.

Here's more from "fijne vrienden".

Fijne Vrienden (En: Good friends) Fijne Vrienden (En: Good friends) Fijne Vrienden (En: Good friends) Fijne Vrienden (En: Good friends)

Spuiten & Slikken test, Netherlands, BNN, 2012

Here´s an excerpt from BNN's The big "Spuiten en Slikken" test 2012. There's a wiki on "Spuiten en Slikken" that clearly explains what the programs is all about "".

This excerpt shows you how my girl dressed in heavy rubber from DeMasK and tightly bound by RopeMarks, talks about Hollands number one fetish...

Here's the link to the complete program..

Spuiten & Slikken, episode 6, Netherlands, BNN, 2011

Here´s an excerpt from BNN's "Spuiten en Slikken", episode 6 of the year 2011. There's a wiki on "Spuiten en Slikken" that clearly explains what the programs is all about "".

This excerpt shows you RopeMarks talk and perform bondage on Dutch national TV.

Fobiac, Netherlands, BNN, 2009

"Fobiac" is a Dutch program where three presenters face their fears. In this episode the presenters face their "fear" for sex.

We got the pleasure to make one of the presenters face her fear for being tied up.

Kamikaze TV, Netherlands, BNN, 2009

"Kamikaze TV" is a one time Dutch program about Japan and how we in the West perceive things about their culture as strange. One item on the show is where the famous Dutch p*rn star Sofia Valentine is invited to talk about sex and bondage. This is where the material we shot with Sofia is used to introduce her to the audience.

Red Carpet, Craotia, Nova TV, 2009

"Red Carpet" is a program created for the Croatian Television company Nova TV, located in Zagreb, the captital of Croatia.

Red Carpet deals mainly with adult themed content and featured RopeMarks in one of their episodes.

Generation Sex, Great Brittain, , 2008

Generation Sex, a British television program about modern sexuality. Using different and alternative subjects to answer the question to be being young, free and open minded. The Generation Sex program is aired world wide.

Our participation was guiding a young couple into the wonderful world of BDSM and bondage.

Spuiten & Slikken, Netherlands, BNN, 2008

The Dutch national program "Spuiten en Slikken" (about sex and drugs) has an item called "Kutvragen en klote brieven" where people can send in questions about a sex-related issue. This time the question was about bondage. We were brought in to help answer the question.

Geloof, Sex en (Wan)hoop 2, Netherlands, IKON, 2008

We participated on the TV Series "Geloof, Sex, en (Wan)hoop)" (Faith, Sex, and despair/hope). This TV series in six parts show the sexual status of the Netherlands accoording to the creator of the program. Our participation consisted of showing bondage as being a part of the sexual exploration of the Dutch.

Kamasutra TV, Netherlands, , 2008

For Kamasutra TV, a Dutch Nighttime program, we filmed two sessions on the Kamasutra erotic fair. With the first session we show a dance-pole has some alternative uses and for the second session Chantal makes a motorbike even more attractive...

National Sex and Drugs Test, Netherlands, BNN, 2008

The Dutch national program "Spuiten en Slikken" (about sex and drugs) ended their TV season with a national sex and drugs IQ test. We have been invited to perform our thing and a short interview.

Kamasutra TV, Netherlands, , 2007

We got asked by the people of Kamasutra TV if one of our demonstration could be filmed and aired during an episode of Kamasutra TV (a Dutch national night-time program). We agreed.

A more extensive report of our time on this edition of the Kamasutra fair can be read here.

Jensen!, Netherlands, , 2007

We're in full swing on the Kamastura fair (Netherlands biggest erotic fair), during a quite moment (hahaha 🙂 we decided to check mail (business has to continues, no matter where we are 🙂 and found a very pleasant invitation to appear on "Jensen!", a very popular Dutch talk show. Some phone-calls and text messages later we agreed to be on "Jensen!".

The responses of RopeMarks being on Dutch national TV have been a bit (understatement) overwhelming. This made us decide to write an entry in our blog, you can read it here

The program is completely in Dutch.

Bizar & Bijzonder, Netherlands, , 2006

We got contacted by Dutch national TV for a program called "Bizar & Bijzonder" (Bizarre and extraordinary). This program makes portraits of passions people have that are bizarre or extraordinary, in our case "shibari".

After some initial communication and a walkthrough of what they intended to film, heavily influenced with our own ideas of how we wish to be portrayed, we accepted the invitation.

The end result has been aired, we are very happy with the result and the responses were only positive.

The program is completely in Dutch.

Spuiten & Slikken, Netherlands, BNN, 2006

BNN, the Dutch National TV network aiming for the Dutch youth contacted us. For their program called "Spuiten en Slikken" they wanted us to present an item about shibari. "Spuiten en Slikken" is a program dealing with sex and drugs.

We discussed the options and possibilities and decided to go for it.

The program is completely in Dutch.

Nosolomusica, Spain, Nosolomusica, 2005

We were registered VIP's for the 2005 edition of "La Nuit Demonia", a high-class fetish party in the heart of Paris, France.

A few days before the party we were approached by Spanish TV station "Nosolomusica", asking for an interview on the party about bondage, shibari and our kinbaku, for one of their programs. We met with them, had a short but interesting interview and you can see it online here.

The program is "dubbed" in Spanish.

Party Crash, Netherlands, V8, 2002

This clip is from our first TV performance. To the best of our knowledge this is the first time ever that a shibari / kinbaku style suspension has been shown on national Dutch television.

By invitation of Mrs. Brigitte of Studio Brizi's we spend an entire weekend on one of the Erotic Fair's in Holland. We were doing what we do best, bondage heavily inspired by the Japanese style, for 2 whole days.

We were told that on the second day of the erotic fair, somewhere in the afternoon people from PartyCrash (a Dutch television program that "crashes" parties 🙂 would come and film some of the action in our stand. The PartyCrash team didn't arrive until one hour before closing of the fair. We were all very tired but still wanted to show some shibari / kinbaku style suspension. We decided on a position that's relatively easy for Chantal.

The quality of the clip is not as good as can be, it has been digitized from a video recording and reduced in size for optimal web-distribution.

Law & Order, USA, , 2002

Sometime way past the initial airing of this Law & Order episode I saw a re-run. At one point I thought I recognized a photo used in the investigation as being one from RopeMarks. Luckily I have digitial TV, meaning, live TV can be rewinded; so I did. And, hell yeah, they used not one, but two photos from RopeMarks in this Law & Order episode.

At first I was very proud, my second thought was; where are my credits? Basically they took two photos from my site, made a hardcopy and used it in the episode. Doesn't sound like the way it should be. I'm still not happy about this, but I'm also still very proud 🙂

The video shows the scenes where the RopeMarks photos are used. The images are included in this post.

Law & Order Law & Order